Breaking Barriers Symposium Briefing Book - Agenda and pre-reading on some of the collaborative efforts to be featured and discussed at the Symposium in Sacramento, CA, November 14-15, 2018.

County Self-Assessment Document - Either with your team or on your own, assess which Phase best describes your team. Highlight 1-2 successes in the past year, and 1-2 challenges you are facing. We will compile all the responses and post them during the Symposium.

County Summary Presentation Template - During the Symposium, each County will give a brief 3-5 minute overview of their integrated care work based on this template.

Stakeholder Summary Presentation Template - During the Symposium, Stakeholders will give a brief 3-5 minute overview based on Activities 2-3 this template. Responses will also be posted on our Learning Wall.



Additional Resources

California Children’s Trust - Reimagining Well-Being for California’s Children - A policy brief in collaboration with Children Now, our Coalition partners, and the Children’s Trust Steering Committee presenting an essential distillation of their formative analysis.

California School-Based Health Alliance - Public Funding for School-Based Mental Health Programs - A toolkit identifying and explaining the public mental health funding streams in California that can support the full continuum of school-based mental health services.

Children Now - 2018-19 California County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being - An interactive report delivering a comprehensive picture of children’s health, education, and welfare in California’s 58 counties. It provides county-level data mapping, tracking key indicators of child well-being across counties, over time, and by race and ethnicity.

Kidsdata - Youth in Schools Data Suite - Access a comprehensive suite of data on youth in schools, from school climate and safety to student supports and emotional health.

National Center for Youth Law - A Primer on Sharing School Health Information in California, 2nd Edition - This primer provides an overview of the pertinent federal and state confidentiality laws when health care is provided on school sites and address a few frequently asked questions regarding sharing information.

National Health Law Program - Navigating The Challenges of Medi-Cal’s Mental Health Services in California: An Examination of Care Coordination, Referrals and Dispute Resolution - This report aims to provide insight into Medi-Cal’s fragmented mental health system and make recommendations for improving access.

Project Cal-Well and the California Department of Education - A Guide to Increase Mental Health Services for Students - A report designed to assist schools and districts as they build capacity to better address mental health challenges among students.

Ronald J. Powell, Ph.D. - The Price We Pay - An article examining the costs and cost savings around children’s mental health and physical health problems throughout the lifespan.