The Children’s Interagency Collaborative (CIC) is designed to improve educational, social, emotional, behavioral and juvenile justice outcomes for California’s children through interagency collaboration and the development of sustainable, effective, coordinated school and community based programs.  The collaborative unites all agencies, public and private, to work together towards improved, expanded, collaborative programming and assists them in finding the way.

Goals of the Collaborative include:

  • Improving information sharing across systems
  • Developing efficient interagency dispute resolution procedures
  • Developing a continuum of effective, comprehensive school based and community collaborative programs
  • Providing professional development and role clarification
  • Improving the accessibility of services available across insurance coverage systems.

Experts from the Collaborative provide ongoing direct assistance to public agencies including consultation, training and technical assistance, and other supports to  empower local leaders in achieving measurable change. 

Strategies of the Collaborative include:

  • Analyzing current systems in participating counties and working with local leadership to coordinate and maximize available resources and efforts.
  • Partnering with local interagency teams to identify specific local challenges and goals, develop actionable strategies, and commit to specific plans and timelines.
  • Collecting and documenting county-level experience and developing an accessible database of effective strategies for interagency collaboration and program development.
  • Creating an accessible database of available and successful programs for use by planners, policymakers, families and providers alike.